About me

Greetings, I'm Even André Fiskvik (aka grEvenX). My professional journey spans over 25 year and has been an exciting exploration of technology and innovation. I have always been part of smaller companies that have mainly been bootstrapped, or at least had limited budgets, which has lead to a relentless pursuit of cost-effective solutions.

Currently serving as the CTO at Myworkout - a pioneering health tech SaaS company with a hairy mission to tackle the world's inactivity problem. My career path is closely intertwined with empowering startups on a budget and shaping efficient tech strategies.

How did I get here?

I started developing an interest for computers and games early on in my childhood. In the beginning it was mostly about gaming and learning how to use computers, and it later transitioned to desktop publishing and graphic design as a development of my painting skills. What I would describe as more of a professional career started during my last years in lower secondary school...

Establishing Lynweb Consulting ANS (1999-2005)

My journey started as a young entrepreneur in the early days of web development. It goes a back some years earlier through the "Young Entrepreneurship" program. Together with a friend, we provided innovative websites, emphasising quality and efficiency when established professionals fell short. This entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to tech innovation have been with me since the beginning, and I guess so was the belief in challenging the status quo as one of the very few users of a Macintosh computer 😆 (Thanks to my sister's ex-boyfriend for introducing me to the Apple family!).

CIO / Developer at Phoniax AS (2006 - 2007)

While finishing my Master program in Computer Science I got an offer to join a startup focused on replacing traditionally employed PBX telephone solutions with a hosted PBX platform over the Internet. In this role, I delved into strategic IT consulting, overseeing software architectures and got my feet wet on how VoIP and telephone solutions could be empowered through software development.

CTO & Co-Owner at Oyatel AS (2007-2013)

Phoniax got bought by Oyatel. The focus changed from providing hosted PBX to deliver a powerful SaaS solution in the B2B market, replacing traditional phone solutions with VoIP while providing self-managed configuration and overview through web and mobile applications. I worked on developing robust and real-time APIs, OAuth-based authorisation, and managing/recruiting a small team of software developers.

CTO and Co-Founder at Comet Lab (2013 - 2016)

Me and most of my co-workers and co-founders exited Oyatel in 2013 and bootstrapped a new company that set out to create SaaS products based on our team's experience with web, mobile and telecom.
My tenure at Comet Lab was marked by orchestrating agile workflows, architecting solutions on the AWS platform, and hands-on development across various tech domains. With several employees on salary and no stable source of income, I had to reinforce my dedication to creating efficient and cost-conscious tech environments for our company.

Comet Lab's main project was "Confr", a cheaper and better alternative for phone conferencing. The product failed to gain the momentum needed, and as many of us now were in a place in life with a family to take care of, we couldn't risk our income to simply disappear over a longer period of time. After many years of being co-owner, co-founder and bearing the weight of the responsibilities at that, I thought it was time to apply for a job without the same burden.

CTO at Myworkout AS (2016 - Present)

I started my tenure in Myworkout as a Senior Software Developer. It didn't take long before I transitioned to CTO as I saw that the company needed somebody to take responsibility for the software development process and software architecture. In my current role, I've overseen significant transformations, including the adoption of cloud infrastructure, the introduction of CI/CD processes, and the strategic use of containerisation technology. These initiatives reflect my commitment to cost-effective tech solutions and the empowerment of startups.

Pioneering corporate wellness with disruptive solutions that guarantee health effects and return on investment. We have been researching the beneficial effects of exercise on health, aging and disease prevention for three decades. Believe us when we say we can reduce sick leaves and increase product…

Sports and Dedication

My passion for sports has been a constant in my life, contributing to my perseverance and resilience. From excelling in various sports during my early years to achieving notable success in competitive cycling, I've cultivated an unwavering determination and learned the invaluable lesson of never surrendering.

My commitment to sports and being an athlete has shaped my "stayer" mindset. This indomitable spirit, the essence of grit, was instilled in me by my father, who instilled the unwavering drive to always aim for excellence and always to get back on the bike after a crash.

I firmly believe that sports served as the crucible where my true grit was forged. It's worth noting that possessing this personal attribute isn't exclusive to those with a sports background, but rather, it can be cultivated in various life experiences. However, it's my belief that the right exposure to sports can significantly enhance one's likelihood of developing this quality.

In the professional world, many companies actively seek candidates with a background in sports precisely because they recognize the valuable attributes of determination and resilience that often accompany such experiences.

After race photo on Trollveggen Triathlon, near Åndalsnes in Norway


I'm found of running 🏃‍♂️ and cycling 🚴‍♂️. In the recent years I've been training for and participating some Triathlon races, where I have developed a love-hate relationship with swimming 🏊‍♂️ as well.
While I'm at the treadmill I usually hook up my AirPods and listen to this Spotify playlist:

Given the countless hours I spend in front of a computer, I've come to understand the toll it takes on the body. To counteract this, I've made it a priority to stay active. Not only does it help mitigate the physical effects, but it also aligns perfectly with my current employer's mission.

Another hobby I've always been found of is gaming 🎮. This is my escape from an otherwise hectic day-to-day, where I can just "shill out" and drift my mind off work and family (yes, sometimes we actually need that too).

SW Development, tools and habits

While working I mix between having a quiet environment, or listening to some music (without lyrics). My go-to playlists are "Coding Mode" and "White Noise 10 hours".